June 2022 Newsletter

The East Price Hill Improvement Association (EPHIA) is our neighborhood’s City of Cincinnati designated Community Council.  Our objective is the encouragement and promotion of the civic advancement of East Price Hill, all of Price Hill, and the West Side of Cincinnati


Dear Neighbor,

Oh my. Summer with a vengeance! Just when we were enjoying a lovely spring into summer (more on that later), Mother Nature turned the thermostat UP. Please check in with your elderly neighbors, family and friends. These kinds of temperatures can be deadly for them. Help ensure that they have adequate cooling or access to cool spaces. Keep an eye on children as well, and make sure you and your family stay hydrated and cool. The Price Hill Library and the Price Hill Recreation Center are both open as cooling centers, and the pool at the Price Hill Recreation Center is also open. St. Vincent de Paul is giving away free fans and air conditioners to people who qualify. Although we are forecast to get a bit of a break over the weekend, the heat will be with us through the next week at least. Please take care.

This is a busy time of year for our community. Our May Milkshake Social and Spring Into Summer Community picnic were both great successes. Although we got rained on at both events, the turnout was great and a little water couldn’t spoil a good time. Thank you to all the community members who joined us for these fun events! We were so happy to see you and share the fun!

Our next Ice Cream Social will be at Bold Face Dairy Bar on Wednesday June 22 beginning at 6:30. Come out and meet your neighbors and say hello! The first 50 people who come to the EPHIA tent will receive a ticket for a free ice cream cone!

The Cincinnati City Council Healthy Neighborhoods Committee will be holding a meeting at the Price Hill Recreation Center next Thursday evening, June 23rd, beginning at 5:30. The topic of the meeting will be Childhood Trauma. Please come out to this meeting and let’s work together to find ways to help our youth.

We will be appointing a Nominations Committee at this month’s General Meeting. The Nominations Committee will be working to identify candidates for Director’s seats over the coming months. Directors serve 2 year terms and provide support, guidance, and oversight for our organization. Our election will take place at our November meeting. If you are interested in running for office, please contact one of the board members or a member of the Nominations Committee once it is formed. They will be reaching out to you as well.

Our annual picnic will be happening on July 18th at the Mount Echo Park Picnic Shelter, beginning at 6:00 PM. Please come out and celebrate our neighborhood at this event. It is always fun, and our Events Committee is working to make sure it is extra special this year! We always have the best Bingo prizes!

Your Community Council has been busy working on issues that impact and improve our community. From issues around pedestrian and traffic calming and safety, to street paving and infrastructure, business district revitalization, community beautification, community engagement and events, zoning and housing, to applying for a Keep Cincinnati Beautiful grant for traffic cameras, we have been VERY busy! If you are interested in working on any community projects, or if you have any suggestions for community projects, please talk to a board member, or email info@ephia.org.

Our next General Meeting will be held Monday, June 20th, beginning at 6:30 PM at ARCO, located at 3301 Price Avenue. There will be a door prize and Split the Pot! We look forward to seeing you there.

Sheila Rosenthal

EPHIA President


from the May 16, 2022

General Membership Meeting

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance

    3. Roll Call


      President – Sheila Rosenthal
      Corresponding Secretary – Greg Shaw
      Membership Officer – Nikki Franz
      Director - Chandran Achutan
      Director - Adrian Kaiser
      Director - Amber Kassem
      Trustee – Eric Buhrer

      Trustee – Tom Gamel
      Director – Newman Lain
      Treasurer – John Ridder

      Recording Secretary – Natasha Mitchell

      Vice President

    4. First Time Attendees:

    5. Approval of Minutes
      Motion: Eric Buhrer Second: Nikki Franz Resule: Passed

    6. Communications Report:
      Total 9 In: 7 Out: 2

    7. Treasurer’s Report:

    8. Membership Report:

    9. Quality of Life - Safety & Government Reports:
      a. Police – Captain Johnston, Sgt. Hicks, Officer Emody
        i.   T
      he data from the traffic pinch point on Warsaw should be presented to leadership next week
        ii.   Questions were asked about unleashed dogs and the lack of clarity around CPD and CARES responsibilities with regard to loose dogs. CARES says to call the police. CPD says to call CARES.

      b. Probation - John Schwind, Charlie, and Kathy
        i.   John explained that probation provides oversight and ensures that probationers get the serviced that are needed to help ensure no future offenses. Probation works with a variety of law enforcement agencies.

      c. Safety CAT - Amber Kassem
         i.   Fundraiser @ Skyline Thursday evening: 20% of your check will be donated to
         ii.    Next Safety Walk is Wednesday 5/25 @ 6:30 PM, meeting at Family Dollar, targeting Elberon
        iii.    Next Safety CAT meeting is Monday, 6/6 @ 7:00 PM, meeting at District 3

    10. Speaker: Councilmember Meeka Owens – Green Cincinnati Plan
      a.  Green Cincinnati Community Q&A regarding the city’s response to climate change and the Green Cincinnati Plan which gets refreshed every 5 years. Aspects of the plan involve the built environment, education, resilience, reduction of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions, reduce food waste, increase urban agriculture, increase renewable energy, increase tree canopy and greenspace, reducing fuel consumption. The impacts of climate change on neighborhoods is disparate and disproportionate. The Councilmember reported on East Price Hill’s standing in the city with regard to health and socio-economic impacts. The report is on the city’s website. The kickoff event will be May 31st.

    11. Reports - Standing Committees

    12. Reports - Special Committees

    13. Unfinished Business
      a.  Events Committee – Nikki Franz for Newman Lain
         i.  Milkshake Social- Wednesday 6:30-8:30PM, Boldface Dairy Bar, First 50 people will get a FREE milkshake!
         ii. Spring Into Summer Picnic at Mt. Echo Park, May 21st from 12-4PM! Register by Wednesday for a free meal. Lots of cool things, including music by Aprina! Lots of family friendly events. We will be offering a vegan option.
      b. QOL Committee- Amber Kassem
         i,  Residents need to use the Fix It Cincy app or contact amber.kassem@ephia.org to report code enforcement and other issues in the community. Amber reviewed how the app works and what can be reported with it

    14. New Business
      a. Mark Jeffreys Update (Attached) and Traffic Report Request

    15. Other Organizational Announcements
      a. Rees E Price Elementary – Neisha Bethly – Field Day is May 18, they are looking for volunteers from 9-1 PM
      b. Price Hill Library – Sondra Presley Tuesday the 17th will be a Workforce Development Day
      c. Price Hill Will –Samantha Conover reviewed the joint EPHIA / PHW NBDIP grant application. Price Hill Will is accepting pre-applications for businesses who would like to rent space in the Warsaw Creativie Campus. Please contact Rachel@pricehillwill.org
      d. Santa Maria – HA Musser
      e. Mount Echo Advisory Council – Eric Buhrer – June 12, @2:00 PM My Nose Turns Red Circus. Free Fun!

    16. Announcements
      a. Split the Pot – our winner generously donated his winnings back to the community to cover food for next month’s meeting.
      b. The next General Membership meeting will be June 20 @ 6:30pm at ARCO at 3301 Price Avenue.
      c. The Spring Into Summer Picnic In The Park will be May 21, 2022 from Noon to 4PM

    17. Adjournment
      Motion: Nikki Franz
      Second: Greg Shaw 
      Consent: unopposed

    City Hall Corner – East Price Hill
    Mark Jeffreys

    A few months into a new City Council, as a City Councilman, I wanted to take an opportunity to share some of my focus areas that impact the East Price Hill community. Right out of the gate, I have focused on issues that I heard repeatedly on the campaign trail: making our streets safer, cleaner, and more inviting.
    We are reminded daily of the need to make sure our streets are safe for everyone as crashes continue to mount. Whether it was when I met with folks in the East Price Hill community in April on Warsaw Avenue to watch cars going highway speeds or participated in a litter clean up in February on Quebec Avenue and in April along the Lick Run, I have seen the impact of this issue on communities on the West Side. To address it, in March, I held a Safer Streets Now forum in Avondale, which brought in local and national experts to address this issue. We identified several concrete solutions including curb extensions that are better and 10x cheaper than current solutions. The administration is now exploring how to roll these solutions out. As a down payment on solutions, in partnership with the Mayor, I proposed and City Council passed allocating $1,000,000 to pedestrian safety initiatives across the city including for curb extensions and speed cushions, both of which are proven to slow down traffic.
    Our police also play a vital role in safety, which is why I asked the administration to report on the number of traffic citations over the past five years including by neighborhood, and asked the Administration to report on how we can partner with State Highway Patrol to free-up CPD’s resources to address our most pressing public safety needs. Folks like Sgt Hicks in the CPD are critical partners in this effort.
    To combat littering—a stain on our beautiful city— I am also working with the administration and my colleagues to address the issue of illegal dumping and littering including exploring adding more cameras to catch illegal dumpers. I enjoy being a part of litter clean ups in neighborhoods, but we need more systemic solutions.
    Systemic solutions are also needed for our neighborhood business districts throughout the city, but particularly on the West Side. Just as I fought to preserve the Schulte Mansion in West Price Hill as an anchor for economic development, I will be partnering with communities to support grassroots economic development. While we did not win the Schulte Mansion preservation battle, I look forward to having that same type of partnership on other economic development issues with East Price Hill and other communities throughout the city.
    The challenges we face as a city and in our neighborhoods took years in the making, and some of them, such as gun violence and bringing back good paying jobs that are Made in Cincinnati, will take time to impact. But while its early days on City Council, I believe we’re making progress.
    I appreciate the opportunity to hear from residents, and to serve the people of Cincinnati. I would invite anyone to reach out to me any time with issues or concerns
    Thank you again for your partnership.


    The Inner Strength to Withstand Stress
    and Do My Best

    vs. discouragement

    To practice Endurance I will:

    • put my whole heart into everything I do
    • accept both instruction and feedback
    • not let small obstacles deter me from my bigger goal
    • recognize progress in all its forms
    • not be a “quitter”

    Reach Out

    – by Jill Tomey

    Our hearts are broken over the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and we know the pain they are enduring is indescribable. We feel compelled to do something but what?  What can we do being so far away?  I’m sure you’ve promised prayers of support, but we need to do more.  We can have an impact on our community here and perhaps prevent another massacre.  We can be aware of those around us and make sure that our family, friends, and neighbors, feel connected to someone.  This isn’t just reacting when we hear of an issue but actively working to reach out to those around us and authentically connecting with them. We can’t be best friends with everyone, but we can make it a regular practice to be aware of the needs of others and respond. Helping others bolsters our own Endurance, too. What can you do the help those you don’t know? Volunteer or financially support organizations that make positive impacts on children in your community. Don’t be shy – invite others to join you. The future of our society rests in our children and we owe them a safe and nurturing environment.

    What can you do to help your community thrive, not just Endure?


    EPHIA Board

    Officers (until 2023 election)
    President: Sheila Rosenthal
    Vice President: (Vacancy)
    Treasurer: John Ridder
    Recording Secretary: Natasha Mitchell
    Corresponding Secretary: Greg Shaw
    Membership Officer: Nikki Franz
    Directors (until 2022 election)
    Mary Croft
    Amber Kassem
    Newman Lain
    (Three vacancies)
    Trustees (five year term)
    Eric Buhrer (term expires 2026)
    Tom Gamel (term expires 2025)
    (One vacancy)

    EPHIA Committees

    Committee - Chairperson(s)

    Beautification - Greg Shaw
    Business District - Natasha Mitchell
    Community Marketing & Branding - Laura Sage
    Events & Volunteers - Newman Lain
    Grants & Fundraising – Natasha Mitchell
    Housing & Economic Development – Sheila Rosenthal
    Membership - Nikki Franz
    Parade – Tom Gamel
    Policy & Bylaws - Tom Gamel
    Problem Properties - Dan Boller
    Public Safety - Tom Gamel
    Quality of Life - Amber Kassem
    eMedia – Nikki Franz

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    Visit our website at www.ephia.org.

    Our mailing address is:

    East Price Hill Improvement Association

    PO Box 5420

    Cincinnati, OH 45205