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Join a Committee

The success of our community council depends on volunteers. To join a committee, shoot us an e-mail and let us know so we can be sure to keep you in the loop for future events and projects.

President, Sheila Rosenthal is a member of all committees and can be reached at

Committee Contact Purpose


Plan and manage EPHIA hosted and sponsored events

Housing and Economic Development                    

Tom Gamel

Meet with developers, liaison with city zoning/planning, Economic development



Mange social media channels (website, newsletter, social media) and digital designs



Develop, maintain, and track membership between residents and community council
Funding and Grants

 Jamie Rouff

Researches, coordinates, prioritizes, and communicates deadlines for funding opportunities to to maximize funding from potential sources to get the needs of the community met.

Quality of Life

Amber Kassem


Provides advocacy and support to residents with the goal to improve the living and visiting experiences in East Price Hill. 

Beautification: Focuses on issues and activities that relate to maintenance of the community's landscape's appearance. (litter, green spaces, etc.)

Problem Properties: Focuses on specific addresses that have issues and activities that pose a safety risk or health risk to the public (hotspots for crime, dilapidated buildings, egregious and reoccurring garbage/litter issues) that compromise the peaceful enjoyment and livability of our community.

Safety: Focuses on finding and communicating the violent crimes that impact more than just one property that compromises the safety and livability of our community.

Transportation: Focuses on transportation improvements and designs for the streets located in our community.

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